Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories - one of the joys I have is in creating replica's of bridal party dresses. When the replica was requested to duplicate a young girls dress, it warmed my heart to know that there was a little girl who was going to be overjoyed with the love and thoughtfulness that the bride put into the gift.

This particular order started out with one dress in March, later to be commissioned to take on replicating three more once she saw my work. The additional dresses (including the one pictured here), all different, were made with Dupioni Silk fabric, satin ribbon, and this particular dress had two layers of tulle overlay.

This order was special, as it was a request for a gift for the young girls in the bridal party. Usually I get the request for just the bridal dress to be replicated. Although I take great joy in creating bridal replica's as it allows my creative skills to be used fully for something that can be simple through intricately elegant. It is another source of joy to create replica's for young girls. One knows that they will treasure their gift of love, bringing back many memories.

You can view more pictures, showing all three dresses at
The pictures will be moved once I start a new custom order, or after a few months.

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