Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Love of Creating with Thread and Fabric

Sundays are days of reflection for me. I can take a look at my past week and contemplate the week in front of me. It allows me to evaluate what I can do better, what skill I can enhance, or even what new skill I can learn.

This last week I have been blessed with an opportunity to begin a project for a bride-to-be, working on American Girl dress replica's for girls that are a part of her wedding. Pictures have been provided, and fabric from the girls dress are provided as well. It is a unique opportunity that allows me to take part in a celebration that others are unable to experience. I will also be preparing to replace a lining in a quality dress coat, where I need to create a pattern and order specific lining that will last a number of years for long lasting use.

The first dress that I'm working on, is actually one of three, and added to a dress I had already completed in April for my client. Each dress will require a pattern designed specifically for each doll, and each dress is different than the next. I sent my first preliminary pictures, which allow my client to make comments, and share changes that are needed. In this case, I will need to remove a ribbon (that I had only pinned). I'm waiting for an answer to one question, then I will be able to proceed and complete this first dress. Because this client has three dresses, I can begin the next dress while I wait for the answers.

The love I have for sewing is a gift that I can give to others as a service in craftsmanship. My goal is to provide a quality service and/or product, and a personal service that others feel that they are part of the decision process of what they receive in the end.

As I begin my work for others, I seriously take a look at what it is I'm making, always trying to get a solid idea of what the client's expectations are from me. I communicate with them to be sure that what I am doing is exactly what they want. I also give my work to God, asking that He allow me to use my hands in a way that will bless and honor Him yet also allow me to use my hands in creating something of quality for my client.

I am fortunate. I have a gift that others are not given. They have other gifts that I am sometimes a recipient of. As I create custom work, provide alteration and mending service, and even online products, I always want to present the best possible work that I am capable of doing. My sewing business is a service that others pay for, where they can expect professional, friendly, caring and quality service.

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