Thursday, October 1, 2009

Colors of Fall & Fisherman's Lap quilt

Good morning. I have decided to add a blog for my website, to provide an area where I can share thoughts, new products and provide an avenue for customers to leave comments and ask questions.

October is like a new beginning. Here in NH we begin our days with a new tapestry of color as we experience God's beauty throughout the hours of each day. The colors change so quickly, and look brilliant whether the day brings rays of warmth and sunshine or rain. It's an amazing time of year.

Last night I worked on a new lap quilt. It is called "Gone Fishin' ". Initially I was planning a simple infant/toddler quilt, but as I put the fabrics together, I realized that this particular quilt would be a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys fishing. Whether you have a child that likes to go fishing with their daddy, a hubby or wife who would love to have a lightweight quilt to keep the chill at bay, whether on the couch or in the car. Another person I thought of was a grandfather, who might reside in a long-term health facility, that would really appreciate keeping their legs from being chilled.

The quilt is made from a large print fish fabric that has beautiful colors. With the thought of creating a quilt around this piece of fabric, I went shopping to see what I could find to compliment it. In doing so, I found that it was really difficult to find the perfect blue that would match the blue water colors in the initial print. Then I found this beautiful fabric I choose as the backing, that has fishing creels, reels, fishing poles, etc, with a neutral tan background. Taking this into account, I brought the backing together with the colors in the main fabric on the front, and used a brown print that pulls the quilt together. For the filling, I did not put a heavy polyfil or warm'n natural fill, but rather used ecology cloth, that actually makes it lightweight, yet heavy enough to keep the chill off. With this idea, the quilt can be used in many climates, including FL where many from NH seem to travel to in the winter, cool months.

I added pictures of the above quilt to my page where one can view other quilts that are for infants/toddlers

With the cool autumn weather, I am thinking of warm items to create for family gifts as well as gift items for my website.

I do hope that today brings you much joy, filled with God's beauty and love.

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