Monday, October 5, 2009

Giving Life to the Frayed Edges of Towels

Today I was catching up with the laundry. The benefit of having children is that they help with the chores. The disadvantage is that they don't tell you when things need mending. So, when I take over this particular chore, due to school schedules, I discover what needs mending.

So while I was washing/folding towels and jeans, I discovered again how towels that might be just over a year to two years old, still had plenty of life in them, yet the edges were coming apart. You know how it is, where the threads start to fray away from the edges, so you begin cutting them each time you wash them because there really isn't anything wrong with the towels. Seeing this was the issue with a few washcloths and a couple bath towels, I brought them over to my serger and took care of the frayed mess.

What I do to preserve the life of the towels, so we don't need to cut them down into rags long before they need to, is serge the edges. I have done this to my towels and washclothes for quite a few years. If I get new towels as a Christmas gift, I just put them aside as our summer pool towels. They can also be used for the kids bathroom. I have not had any future issues with the towels until they are ready for the rag bin. And, the nice thing in doing this, is that edges remain the same for many future uses.

I do provide this service to local/nationwide customers who have quality towels, with plenty of life left, yet are frustrated having to cut the threads all the time from washer/dryer wear. They don't look like store-bought towels with the hemmed edges, but they stop fraying, no longer getting caught up in the washer or tied up in the laundry, and look nice and neat.

For myself, I use whatever thread I have in the serger as all I'm looking for is a quick fix. For customers who want a color to closely match their towels, I will do my best with the limited serger threads I have in stock.

I hope that you find this to be a helpful tip, or a service that you might consider taking advantage of the next time you discover your towels have too many threads when washing.

Have a delightful day filled with blessings,

Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties

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