Monday, December 7, 2009

Zipper Pulls vs. Zipper Replacement

Zipper Replacements - Many times a client has an old favorite jacket or coat that they need to replace the zipper in. Often, the full zipper needs to be replaced, but in some cases, all I need to do is replace the zipper pull for them.

I will always provide the quote for the full zipper replacement, but I will also let them know that if I can just replace the pull, I will do that and save them quite a bit. It's rare a client will argue, most especially in these economic times.

In some cases a client has a plastic type zipper, and although these zippers are much better today than in years past, some clients are most comfortable with a metal zipper replacement, which I will do for them.

Not all plastic zipper pulls can be replaced. But, in some cases, I can replace them, but your zipper might be a metal replacement. Your top stop will be a metal stop vs. the plastic that originally is with your coat.

When a client has a coat that might have cost them over $350 when they first purchased it 7 years prior, as in the case of the jacket shown, it is hard for them to find a replacement coat with the same characteristics that they have grown to enjoy. This is when, what seems to be a costly repair to some, some will find the zipper replacement, repair and lining replacements, actually turn out to be the most economical approach.

This service, of zipper replacement/repairs is provided mostly for local customers, but it is also provided for my internet clients that are willing to ship and pay return shipping costs for their repair needs.

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