Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re-fashioned Harley Davidson Overalls to Jeans

Taking the opportunity to refashion overalls brought my was a delight.

This particular customer decided that it was time to rid her wardrobe of her favorite pair of overalls.  In doing so, she made the decision the create jeans so that she could continue to wear them. 

It was clear that the pants still fit her well, so there was no need to alter the waist.  In removing the bib I was able to create a fun pair of jeans that she will be able to continue to enjoy.

Nothing better than meeting the goals on my clients.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~
Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties

Reupholstering & Drapes

I don't normally take on upholstery projects, such as recovering a couch.  Most of my home decor work consists of cushion recovering, pillow work, curtains & drapes.  Yet, as I was trying to see how I could make my workspace more pleasant for me to work in as well as my clients who arrive for fittings, I kept my eye open for a couch that would fit within the space we had.

In doing so, a friend provided us a love seat that needed some TLC, that both my husband and I decided would be worth the time and investment.  We were correct.

Spending time with my husband on a sewing project proved to be something that we both found to be rewarding.  Please keep in mind, that my husband did all the staple & pin removing, repaired all frame issues while utilizing his woodworking skills, re-stuffed the frame where needed, then added the selected fabric to the frame.

My sewing skills recovered the cushions& create the couch skirts for David to add to the finished frame.  I recovered a set of pillows that went with a chair we have now decided needs to be reupholstered as well.

The curtains that were made, are simple drapes made of a suede upholstery fabric.

Friends have asked if upholstery will be added to my services.  Personally, I will continue to recover cushions & pillows for customers as well as create curtains and drapes.  I will take on the small projects, such as ottoman's & stools.  But, I am not personally interested in large upholstery work, but I would open my schedule and work with my husband if he decides this is something he is interested in pursuing. 

Currently we have a chair that is now ready for his skills as well as a couch he is contemplating on working on for some friends.  Time will tell if this is something that will become a side job for him.

Would I do this again?  Spending time with my husband, working on something that requires patience, and attention to detail?  I most certainly would.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties