Monday, November 2, 2009

Preparing for Winter

It seems that once October & November arrives, we find ourselves in New England, raking, putting away the garden tools and summer furniture, and getting ready for the upcoming winter weather. Not only do we prepare the outdoors, we begin to prepare the inside as well. But, sometimes we wait until the last minute to realize that the cold is going to arrive, and find our gloves, coats, and scarves need to be cleaned, replaced, mended or altered.

New Englanders are made of two types of people: Those who Love winter, and those who could really live without it. I'm one of those that could live without it, except I do enjoy the cool weather up through Christmas, even through New Years. I love the first snowfall, the crystal glitter upon the trees, and the beauty that surrounds us. Even the driving isn't too bad. But after about two months, I'm ready for the spring.

Fortunately, I do enjoy the lovely cold weather clothing. The textures are beautiful, the colors are generally warm, allowing them to compliment many different complexions.

Winter is fast approaching. Now is a good time to check your fall/winter wardrobe, to make sure there are no buttons that need to be tighten, zippers replaced or mended, pockets repaired, and hems secure. I like to remind my customers to consider getting their alteration needs done before the weather actually changes.

Since my service not only provides alteration needs, one can bring other mending needs in addition to custom work done, so that you can have everything done all at once. Or, if you need to budget things to have them repaired, mended, altered or custom made, consider having the items you need to wear in the cold weather taken care of first.

In addition, a customer can shop online, at my site for some online products for Christmas gifts that they can pick up the same day of their alteration/mending pickup. Currently one can find doll clothing and accessories, rice therapy bags, infant/toddler blankets, and more. As I can, I continue to add items for a variety of options.

Enjoy the fall weather. We are blessed with such beautiful colors!

Laura - Custom Seamstress
Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties

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