Saturday, February 27, 2010

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

As part of my business of serving others through my sewing skills I am asked to frequently alter and place service patches for many service men and women.  This is an amazing group of people who depend on me to provide a service that is exact. 

Some are new and others have been serving our country for many years.  But what they all have in common is a great deal of pride and dedication to their service to our country.  They show respect to their uniform as they bring it to me for their specific alteration need.  They have an expectation that when they leave their uniform in my hands, that it will be done well and to the specifications of their branch of service.

In return, I find that I am honored to serve these men and women who risk their lives to protect me.  I find that I am more aware of my work as I measure and re-measure the placement of their service bars and stripes, before actually securing them to their uniforms.  I find that I have an additional element of pride as I serve them.

When they arrive for pick-up, they inspect their uniform, as it represents who they are and what they stand for.  My hope is that they leave totally satisfied in my work, knowing that they can wear their uniform with the pride that they carry within them. 
To those who serve our country, thank you for allowing me the priviledge of serving you with my sewing skills.  It is a honor to serve you in this capacity.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

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