Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Delighted Bride and Mom

One of the many joys I am blessed with, is when a bride requests something unique for her dress.  Most often my job will be to take in the bodice or the waist along with the hem.  Sometimes I will be asked to add some trim, remove a flower and reshape the shirt, or simply remove the sleeves.  But my most recent job was different than most, yet provided the most fullfillment  It was taking something old and creating something new for the bride.

The bride's mother saved her own wedding dress, in hopes that one day her daughter would wear it at her own wedding.  What a joy it must have been when her daughter said she wanted to wear it.  The only thing that would be different would be that she wanted her dress to be restyled to a more modern look.

Those of us who got married in the last 70's through early 80's remember the high collars and puffy sleeves, and other Gunne sax style dresses.  The dress that was to be restyled had the high collar that zipped up in the back, which the bride decided needed a little updating.  The bride provided a picture from a bridal magazine, sharing what she wanted her dress to look like.  To provide this look, I removed the collar and netting that was on the neck, shorten the zipper creating a "V" shape in the back, and reapply the original lace that was on the original dress.  Both the bride and myself were excited to see that would could use all that was on the original dress without having to use anything new.

The work was tedious, yet such a delight.  I love to create unique items, including refashioning any garment of clothing when I have the opportunity.  The easiest part of my job was to understand my clients desire, which she was able to clearly communicate  her wish.  She knew what she wanted, had a picture to help share her idea's, and I was able to move forward with her request.

The dress is now complete.  The bride arrived with her mom today for the final fitting.  And the most full-filling part of my job was when the bride smiled and shared how happy she was, along with her mom sharing that I did "magic" to her dress.

There is nothing more satisfying than a job well done, where the client leaves with a huge smile of delight.

Enjoy the after pictures!

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  1. Excellent workmanship! Very creative! A beautiful job,well done!