Friday, March 5, 2010

What Bridal Fashion Fits You Best?

With so many engagements that have occurred since Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day, there are many searching the bridal stores for the "Perfect Dress".  Dresses look beautiful on the models with the sleek bodies that are shown in the magazines and other advertising venues, yet when we try the style on, we just don't seem to feel beautiful in it.

So, let's try to narrow down what might be the best look for you and your figure.

The Lovely Ball Gown, a style that has a fitted bodice, yet flairs out in a very full and bell shape.  A couple figure styles that look great in this style gown are the ladies who are slim, as well as the ladies who have a pear shape figure.
This is a beautiful style dress that is perfect for the fairy tale wedding.  Different necklines and with or without sleeves.  The skirt can be made with a variety of styles: draping layers of fine silk or chiffon to create an elegant look, covered in lace and beads, plain silk or satin, and many other fabric options.  The skirt will be supported with multiple layers of tulle & taffetta or might need a crinoline skirt to maintain it's fullness.
The A-line dress, also known as the Princess dress, has a nicely fitted bodice that fits well to one's rib-cage, yet flares gracefully along the rest of the body.  The nice part of this style dress is that it elongates one's body.  The A-line style dress fits most body types.  You can also get this style with a fuller flair.  It is a beautiful style for any type wedding.
The Princess style will have obvious elongated lines, from the neckline to hem, slenderizing the figure.  The A-Line will use a variety of fabrics creating a different look depending on the choice fabric.

The Sheath also known as the Column, is a very comfortable dress that will closely fit and follow the curves of your shape.  This is a lovely style with one who has a slender figure and those with an hour glass shape.  It's a lovely dress, it can be used with a variety of necklines and skirt lengths.  This is a great style for thin and well proportioned women.  Both tall and short women can wear this dress, and actually provide a sense of height for shorter women.
The benefit of this dress, is that many different fabrics can be used to provide different looks.  A great dress for any type of wedding...formal and informal.  A very modest style if worn with sleeves.

The Empire waist dress has a narrow bodice where the skirt portion starts just under the bustline.  If made with the lovely flowing polyester, chiffon fabrics, it is a beautiful option for thicker waistlines and pear shape hips.  This style looks lovely on many figures, although it is not a good design for the well endowed woman.  If you want to show off your hour glass figure, this would not be recommended.  With shoulder straps and with sleeves, this dress is a very elegant yet modest fashion.
This dress can be made with a couple layers, and depending on the fabrics chosen can change the look drastically.

The Mermaid style is a figure forming style that hugs the body which flairs out from the knees, or slightly above, to the floor.  This is designed looks lovely on a tall, slender figure with curves that desires to show off her figure.  Worn well by a woman with confidence.
Light fabrics will gently hug your figure, yet the heavy satins will hug your figure and accentuate any flaws you might have.
This style might have one of three style flairs: 1. The round flair will provide volume at the base of the dress.  2. The trumpet flair will provide volume behind the dress. 3. The Spanish flair, a flamenco look, will gather slightly in front and around the dress in layers.

I caution one to not go for the dress that will accentuate the flaws you find uncomfortable to share.  You want to feel beautiful, and when selecting dresses for your bridal party, remember their figures as you select their style.  Remember, you can always get different dresses in the same color.

So, consider your figure, browse the many bridal magazines, and select all that you like.  And remember, you might not be able to find or afford the dress you desire from a book, but you might not look well in them either.  BUT, you can make any change you want to your dress that you desire. 

You can also refashion a dress you are given, find second hand, on clearance, etc. to the look you desire.  Remember, this is YOUR special day.  My goal when I work with brides, as I alter, create bustles or refashion their dress, is to make their dress look the way that they want it to look.

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