Saturday, February 13, 2010

To Be a Seamstress

Being a seamstress allows me to use needle and thread to alter, repair, create and tailor custom and ready made clothing, as well as create a variety of other items from doll clothing, infant blankets, specialty clothing on through to include home decor type items.  There are many titles and definitions that describe the work that I do, from seamstress, dressmaker, crafter, and tailor. 

Custom dressmaking and tailoring is when one creates clothing to meet the specific requests of their customers.  This can be done using existing patterns as they are designed or altered to meet the customer's preference of style and fit, as well as creating custom patterns specific to the customer's measurements.  The custom pattern making I provide is generally on the small scale, creating patterns for dolls as I replicate fashions as requested by clients, as well as young infant clothing.  For adults, I often use ready made patterns and alter then to meet my clients request.  Occasionally, I will create a custom pattern for adults, but it is not a frequent need.

Part of  a seamstress job is to help educate customers in fabric selection for their style selection.  At times, when a customer requests it, I will spend the time shopping with them to get the fabric that is best for their style preference.  Depending on the style of their dress, it is important for me to share with them how one fabric would work better than another for their style selection.

With dressmaking and tailoring one needs to measure and fit through to the completion of the garment.  Depending on the garment, this could take from two to six fittings.  A bridal or other formal dress will take up to six fittings, where a man's vest could take two with a final fitting upon completion.

Tailoring also incorporates altering ready made garments to better fit my clients.  The most common request is for pant hems, but I frequently fit jackets, take in waistlines on slacks, jacket lining replacement and more.  In some cases, a customer will request that I add inside pockets to their jackets, change a collar, restyle or refashion a specific dress, etc.  Tailoring is about creating a look and fit that makes my customer comfortable, from the young child in dance or a recital, the office professional, to the bride and her bridal party. 

Alterations and mending services allow customers the freedom to bring along a basket or pile of mending they don't have time to conquer, as well as an individual item that needs a hem, zipper replacement, seam repair and more.  This could also incorporate mending or altering bridal and formal wear.  In addition, it not only relates to clothing, but also to the other sewing needs a client might have. 

The goal of my seamstress work is to provide a quality, finished product, using my skills, in order to give my customer what they would otherwise not be able to do themselves, or find elsewhere.  Sewing is not only a "job" but  an enjoyable career where I meet interesting people, where others are able to enjoy the gift of my sewing skills.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Laura - Custom Seamstress

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  1. Laura, you do such a wide range of work! It does indeed take years to become so skilled in so many areas as you have. I like the way you defined the many "hats" you wear within the world of sewing.
    God bless you in your business!