Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Refashioned for a modern, elegant look

It is such a delight when a client comes in with their idea of what they would like to have for their wedding dress. 

My most recent client arrived with her mother's wedding dress.  In her desire to wear her mom's dress, she also wanted to refashion it to be more modern for her own personal style preference.

The request was to remove the high collar and full back zipper and transform the dress into a more modern yet elegant style.  I removed all the trim and neck netting, shortened the zipper, secured the bustle buttons, and changed the back to a v-shape providing a very elegant look for the bride.  After all the work was done to remove the old, the next step was to use all the original lace trim along the new lines of the bodice lines.  The bride requested that the lace overlap the edges, providing a lacy effect along the edges of the dress.

One knows that the bride has made a wonderful decision when clients, who come by for their own alterations, see her dress on the dress form and share how beautiful the dress is.

I personally love the old fashion look, so when she brought the dress to me, I was thinking it was beautiful to begin with. Once I understood what the bride wanted, I was able to take her mom's beautiful country style wedding dress and transform it into a more modern, elegant style that I was honored to create.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~
Laura - Custom Seamstress


  1. It is beautiful! I may have missed the "before" pictures, but the "after" photos are very compelling! Nice job.

  2. Antoinette, if you go to my blog post dated Feb 2nd, you will see the before picture, or you can see it at my website at
    Thank you for your feedback!