Friday, November 13, 2009

Large Christmas Stockings - Beautiful, Fun & Practical

Christmas Stockings can be so much fun! They are a tradition in our home that we all enjoy. We take our stockings that were created specifically for each child (and yes, David and I each have one ourselves), and fill them with things that have meaning for each person. Whether it be one's favorite candy, little items that show that we thought of them throughout the year or during the holiday season, favorite CD music, DVD's, etc.

We take every gift, regardless of the size, and wrap them individually from the prior years used wrapping paper. It has become a favorite part of our Christmas morning, as we each open little gift. That doesn't mean one has to wrap every little item, as this is just our family tradition.

How is this a practical gift to be used in gift giving?
1. This is a gift that can be recycled and either be used year after year for your child (consider having his/her name embroidered on it), or if it is an office gift item, it can be used again the following year by that recepient to fill and give to someone new the following year.
2. One doesn't have to spend a lot to fill a stocking, just some time and thoughtfulness. Some things we include are necessities, such as tissues, toothbrush & floss, stickers (for kids and scrapbookers), comb's, brushes, a new winter scarf, earrings (you can clip these on the side), match boxes, deck of cards, stationary, pens & pencils all of which could have their favorite team insignia on them or favorite Disney character, etc., books, word puzzle books, socks, stockings, gloves & mittens and so much more. Many items can be found at the dollar store, some can be hand made (such as cookies), and some can be picked up one at a time while picking up your groceries each week (their favorite candy, gum, etc).
3. It doesn't have to be used only for small items, but you can use it as the wrapping for your gift item, such as a special sweater, game, etc.

Who would enjoy these wonderful packages of love?
- College students can use food items, stamps, ink for printers, therapy rice bags (check them out at ) etc.
- Military members can use toiletries, cards, etc.
- Grandparents - their favorite CD music, or old movies on DVD they enjoy watching
- Office Co-workers
- Nurses, Doctors & other medical staff personal
- Neighbor that has been especially kind to you
- Secretary at your church - hand lotion, Christian CD, and more
- Donated gifts to the needy that you might sponsor as you can fill it with the things they asked for (within reason of course)
- Secret Santa gift filled with lots of fun little things
- Yankee Swap Gift - this would be the type of gift that everyone would enjoy getting.

Size & Prices of Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties Large Christmas Stockings
Approx. size: 20" length, 11" cuff width, 15" at widest part of stocking foot.
The price ranges from $30 - $40 depending on the type fabric used.

QUESTION: Can one provide the fabric and Laura create a custom Stocking? Most definately! Email your inquiry to

As you can see, you can use a large stocking for a variety of people and purposes. It provides a special wrapping for all your thoughtfulness. Take a look at the options currently available at All custom made using quality fabric.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Laura - Custom Seamstress
Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties

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