Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Replacing you Coat Lining

Replacing your Coat Lining

It is important to be sure when you decide to replace your coat lining, that you are getting a quality job done.

It is common for one to purchase a quality coat that later on needs the lining replaced. The outer shell is in great condition, but due to the consistent wear'n tear, the lining begins to thin.

You can price around to see who is the cheapest and go that route, but make sure you are getting not only quality workmanship, but also a quality lining fabric that will last more than one or two seasons.

There are many variables that go into replacing a coat lining. The cost to replace your lining might cause sticker shock, because in some cases it will seem as if you are re-purchasing your coat new again. What you are paying for is the time involved in taking out your old lining, replacing shoulder pads, creating new pattern pieces from old, worn and stretched out pieces that are being removed, etc. Then, the time involved in adding back in the new lining. This is not something that can be done in a quick hour or two.

When my clients come to me for their coat linings, I discuss with them their expectations. Do they want the inside lapel pocket still (some want to save costs so they remove it)? Do they need any pockets replaced? Do they want something different about your coat lining...some have hems sewn right into the coat, where other's hang loose, and the customer decides to have the new one hang loose. Do they have a kick pleat in the back? Are there other mending needs necessary for their coat? Do they want me to mend things if they are discovered once the replacement begins? Do buttons need to be replaced?

So, as you can see, there is more than just bringing it in and replacing the lining. If you have a coat that you really love, that you can't replace because you can't find that classic look anymore, then you might decide it is well worth the investment. If it was an expensive coat, that is still in great condition, except for the lining, it is well worth the investment. Leather coat owners have found it to be well worth the investment because they have worn their coat to the point where it is a part of them.

Whatever your choice, whether to reline or not, is something you need to decide after you weigh the cost of the work with the value of your coat, whether it can be replaced, or what it means to you.

To have this service done by Laura of Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties is generally done for local customers. But, this service is also provided for customers anywhere within the USA, for those who are willing to ship their coat and pay for return shipment.

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